The HELCON group companies came from the incorporation of the two companies KYBOS AMMORYCHEIA AXIOU (1998) and ELLCON (2002) and takes an active role in the extraction and process of quartz sand, the trade of finished mortars and the execution of infrastructure works. The administration of the Group's companies is characterized by intense action in Greece and abroad. The administration is also recognized for its corporate culture and its values. Well-designed business plans, high quality products and services, employee safety and respect for the environment are all prerequisites for the Group's course in business. These conditions are the reasons why HELCON group has earned the respect of its cooperators and at the same time a reliable name in the business world.

The group's main activities are the mining and the sand processing from the Axios River in the prefecture of Kilkis in order to supply construction companies, gas network companies, building materials dealers, beach volley, beach soccer and many other businesses that need as raw material sand, for the production of goods. At the same time the HELCON group of companies sells construction mortars and undertakes the redevelopment of areas in need.