The economic activity of the HELCON group has a priority the protection of the environment and nature in general. The Group applies strictly both the Greek and the European Community Legislation. The HELCON group, in collaboration with the competent bodies (Delta Corporation) and services (YPEKA, Region of Central Macedonia, municipality of Paionia), uses production methods based on the sustainability and ecosystem protection in the wider region where it operates.

In the context of the sustainable development that the group pursues, it makes use of every kind of the material that is processed, resulting in no rejects. All by-products are converted into recyclable materials and fully utilized. Materials that are not related to group’s business (Lubricants, Rubber, etc.) are delivered to the recycling companies responsible for this purpose.

All our products are accompanied by a declaration of compliance with EU directives and are suitable for applications and uses that come in direct and indirect contact with humans (buildings, playgrounds, sports facilities, etc.). To summarize, the HELCON group of companies is moving towards the future by making the best possible use of natural resources as well as human resources. Focusing on sustainability, corporate social responsibility and ecological awareness the group is a model for modern business practice.

Region of Central Macedonia
Municipality Of Paionia