Filtration - Drainage

We produce a wide range of products for filtration or drainage of water and sewage. These are materials of high purity, porous, free of impurities and foreign matter in general. They cover a wide range of applications in drilling (borehole), filtering (pool filters, rainwater etc.), biological cleaning, drainage, etc.

The material even in full condensation allows the free passage of water by retaining (depending on application) sediments, sewage, etc. It is produced in a wide range of granulometries, from 2.00mm to 20.00mm.It can also be custom-made in any granulometric grade, according to customer's specific needs. The material is chemically inert and consists of high purity silicon oxides.

Water Filter
Silica sand has the necessary water treatment properties and is successfully used in filtering installations in swimming pools, aqueducts and large water treatment plants.
Biological Cleaning Filters
Another application of Silica sand is its placement with the appropriate stratification in biological cleansing. This has the effect on purifying wastewater in a natural way. Αll granulometries can be provided as well as custom-made mixtures of sand for the proper operation of the system.
Gravel for
Gravel suitable for drilling. A clear and smooth material that enables the easy and fast water circulation, keeping the walls of the drill firm. This guarantees the proper operation of the drilling for a very long time with a simultaneous high attribution.
Drainage Networks
There are granulometries suitable for any project that needs drainage. Infrastructure of tufts , roof gardens, drainage of undergrounds, perimeter walls, etc. With proper the stable drainage of groundwater is ensured.